Robyn Wynne-Lewis

Robyn’s association with the LDI started way back in 1993, when she first met John Scherer, LDI ‘mastermind’ and founder of the programme. They shared a passion for approaches to human development that integrate the physical, intellectual and spiritual realms.

This passion is still ‘core’ for Robyn, and is underpinned by her belief that ‘the body never lies’ – a belief honed through over 30 years of working at the body/mind interface in various professional incarnations- Physical Education Teacher, Outdoor Educator, Public Health Service Manager, Hellerwork Practitioner, and for the last 20 years, leadership development advisor, facilitator and coach.  Robyn is skilled at guiding individuals and teams to access their own deep wisdom, intuition, and truth. Her calling now is to use this skill in service of saving the planet, and advancing humanity.

Senior Facilitator
Malcolm Nicholls

Our ‘Bali connection’ Malcolm is a Kiwi now living fulltime in Bali – though we manage to rope him back here quite frequently to facilitate courses and work with clients.  As well as playing a key role at LDINZ as Senior Facilitator, Malcolm is a long time practitioner of Hellerwork Structural Integration (a form of body work), a certified yoga teacher, and he has been meditating regularly for over 15 years. 

Malcolm’s particular gift is working with clients on the “story” their body has to tell based on beliefs and experiences, and using that intelligence to shape the way they engage in the world. A former NZ football player, Malcolm brings boundless energy and enthusiasm to his craft and is loved by our clients for his irreverence, playfulness and kindness.

Dr. David McKenzie

David has lived a double life as an adult. He trained in Medicine and has worked as a GP for 20 years, whilst also working in the fitness industry for a similar period of time as an instructor of fitness classes, a trainer of instructors, and an International Master Trainer for Les Mills. Helping people to ‘do their lives better’ has been at the core of his being for this entire time. David’s association with LDINZ began in 2002 when he ‘woke up’ after attending his first LDI.

The LDI changed his world. It changed his entire consultation process in medicine, his ability to hear and be heard, his understanding of people and the power of his leadership. After a long engagement with all on the LDI team, David has now joined this team professionally, passionate to facilitate people’s journeys into better places through the LDI, and also through additional seminars focused on wellness.


Susan Tolj Renata

Known globally as a leader in the fitness industry, Susan has worked for the last 15 years for Les Mills International educating and inspiring instructors worldwide. Prior to this, she spent 10 years in the New Zealand Police, working for the majority of that time as a Detective on more serious crime.

With her experience in both of these fields, Susan has the ability to relate to all types of people and possesses a massive natural empathy. She has a playfulness which never gets in the way of her ability to go deep and hold space for people - she uses it to look at things with a different perspective and to lighten the mood in a room. Susan truly believes in the LDI, and the work of John Scherer, and has been living it since 2006. She is totally committed to helping people experience the magic of the LDI process.

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