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Leadership Development Intensive

“Since attending the LDI I am seriously more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need
a referenced set of tools or a particular recipe - I now have the confidence to trust
my gut and to fully utilise the skills and qualities that I already have.”

Blair Shortall, National Key Account Manager

What is LDI?

Many describe this as a transformational process, and a profoundly life-altering experience. You will leave the LDI with a highly developed awareness of your innate leadership potential, plus the skills to switch from an automatic way of living and leading, to one that is more authentic and purposeful. 


Our process is very experiential - it will engage you physically, emotionally and spiritually, not just mentally. Because of this, the learning is embedded at a deep level and the toolkit becomes a part of who you are - ask our graduates.

The LDI is offered several times a year as an open enrolment programme at Wallingford Homestead in Hawke’s Bay. It can also be customised for you personally (as a 1:1 executive retreat) your team or organisation at an offsite venue that suits your location.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.


  • Become more self aware, confident and authentic in order to inspire and empower those around you

  • Harness your strengths and reframe your weaknesses to develop your own unique leadership style

  • Learn to trust your intuition,  live and work with a sense of deep purpose –so you have the passion and the resilience to stay true to your path.

The LDI  is a five day full immersion experience, designed to help you step more fully into your leadership capability by owning and expressing who you really are as a human being.

What is LDI?

“Leadership Programmes are a dime a dozen. But there is only one LDI”

Karen Smylie, Human Resources Manager

Package Options for open-enrolment courses



Five-day residential retreat, including accommodation and meals plus two coaching sessions post LDI


NZD $6,165 Early Bird 

NZD $6,415 Standard

(excl. GST)



Five-day residential retreat, including accommodation and meals plus four coaching sessions post LDI


NZD $6,915 Early Bird 

NZD $7,165 Standard

(excl. GST)


Five-day residential retreat, including accommodation and meals plus unlimited coaching sessions for four (4) months post LDI

NZD $8,415 Early Bird 

NZD $8,665 Standard

(excl. GST)

Package Options
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