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We love collaborating to design customised leadership workshops/programmes that ‘hit the mark’ in terms of being right for your particular people, your circumstances, your culture.

We pride ourselves on listening, asking good questions, thinking outside the square, and using the full breadth of our experience - as well as our international network - to co-create processes that ‘land’, and that have a lasting impact.

We hold distinct experience and expertise in the following topic areas:

  • Self Awareness

  • Purpose-driven leadership

  • High Performing Teams

  • Brave Conversations

  • Mindful, Embodied Leadership

"We engaged LDINZ to assist with some challenges in our management team that were impacting our levels of trust. We knew that we needed a carefully considered bespoke solution, designed with our specific needs in mind, not an 'off the shelf' workshop or intervention. We were fearful that shining a light on our challenges might make them worse, not better.


Robyn's approach was perfect for our needs.​ She demonstrated sensitivity and experience, she 'got' us, and she quickly earned our confidence. The work we have done around brave conversations and team building has been of immense value and has exceeded our expectations. We are back on track and excited about the future – Thank you! 

Devlin, Cameron and Hayes, Palmerston North

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