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Letter from Founder, Robyn Wynne-Lewis

LDINZ is a ‘new’ leadership development provider in some ways, but we’ve actually been around for a long time. Many of you will know me as the Founder and Co-Director of Core Leadership, and facilitator of The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) - a residential leadership retreat, which hundreds of graduates have described as ‘life-changing’. 


My own life-changing epiphany

Someone once told me it takes 20 years to master your craft - and then the real work begins. When I hit that milestone recently, I had an epiphany: The planet is in crisis, and humanity is facing challenges on a scale never faced before. Almost every day it seems, there is more sobering news - about climate change projections, mass murders, and more. It is no longer sufficient for me to continue doing what I’m doing, just to help leaders and organisations ‘succeed’. I feel called, more strongly than ever, to focus on the deep work that really matters - which is facilitating the shift in consciousness required to turn things around. LDINZ guides leaders with vision to act boldly, urgently and with deep integrity. 

Our Team 

It's not easy to find facilitators who are world class presenters, business savvy but heart-centred, and who walk the talk in terms of body/mind/spirit integration. That's a high bar. Malcolm Nicholls, Susan Renata, and David McKenzie not only tick all these boxes, but have known each other and worked together for 12 years or more. They are all graduates of the LDI, and deeply committed to living its principles. We are also fortunate to have an international network of LDI Facilitators to draw on when needed. 


What we offer

LDI - the programme, is a key part of our offering. Its principles and methods are a fundamental toolkit for self awareness, working with others, and purpose-driven leadership. We offer this programme as a public course, a customised offsite for teams and organisations, and also 1:1 as an executive development option. In addition we offer a range of coaching packages including a new ‘Deep Dive’ option, and bespoke interventions designed specifically for your team or organisation. 


If any of this resonates, we’d love to hear from you.




Letter from founder
Foundational Philosophies

Foundational Philosophies

Leading from the
Inside Out











Many approaches to leadership development assume that learning is about 'adding something on' - as if a person is a sponge, and the more we feed them (in terms of knowledge, skills etc)  the more effective or productive they will be. Let's refer to this as leadership 'training'. 


We have found that 'training' has limited value when it comes to Living and Leading with Deep Integrity. What is more effective is 'development' - which assumes that a person already has a wealth of leadership capability, and what they probably need most is awareness of what's holding them back, clarity of purpose, and the confidence to trust their instincts.  Don't get me wrong, our programmes also include some fantastic skills and tools, but the skill-building happens through the lens of self awareness. The learning sticks because it has been integrated at a deeper level. We call this process leadership from the inside out. 



Above and Below
the Waterline











‘Above and Below the Waterline’ is a model that helps us to see the big picture of what's going on in any given situation, and direct our attention to where it will have the most impact. 


The model is particularly useful for facilitating change or growth, whether that's  for an individual, team, specific project or broader organisational goal. The world Above the Waterline is the 'hard stuff' that needs to be managed - behaviour change, project milestones, budgets, systems, processes. The world Below the Waterline is less tangible and tends to be hidden from view – it includes people's feelings,  attitudes, fears, resistance etc - the 'tough stuff' as we call it. 


Facilitating awareness of how these two worlds interrelate, and  how to work skillfully between them, is one of the things we do best. A skilled leader has the ability to 'porpoise' between the two worlds – constantly diving up and down - adjusting their approach as needed, in order to build engagement, address roadblocks early, and  maximise the success of any change.

above below.jpg

Body, Mind
& Spirit












We believe that Living and Leading with Deep Integrity starts with recognising, and integrating, the different levels of intelligence you already possess - the intelligence of your  body, mind, emotions and spirit.


The ability to ‘get out of your head’ and into these deeper, sometimes more subtle energies, allows you to tap into your intuitive wisdom and embed learning at a cellular level. This shift will transform you from being simply capable, to truly outstanding, in your ability to lead self, others and your organisation. Being 'bodywise'  also enables you to better manage stress, build resilience, and use your time/energy more sustainably.


Our facilitators are all highly experienced in working at the body/mind/spirit interface, and helping others discover the power that comes from embracing this faculty is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

body mind spirit.jpg
Our international network

Our international network


LDI - the programme, is the brainchild of Dr John J Scherer, author of ‘Five Questions that Change Everything’ and Director of Scherer Leadership Centre


LDINZ has a strategic alliance with the Scherer Leadership Centre and is also part of an international network of associates at the forefront of transformative approaches to leadership development, organisation development, and change-facilitation. Through this international network, we share resources, tap each other's expertise, and stay abreast of innovative developments in our field. 

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