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Supporting you to go to your learning edges

A good coach can support you to stretch your limits, expand your thinking, unlock barriers, build new skills, or help you through challenging circumstances.


In a safe, confidential environment, you will be encouraged to explore your options - and your growing edges. Extensive research reinforces the value and effectiveness of coaching, particularly post-course, to embed learning and ground behavioural change. We offer a number of different coaching packages and also a number of different coaches - it's all about the relationship.

“There are probably not many people who can say that they go to work and change peoples' lives (whole life, not just work life). Well, YOU can say that, Robyn Wynne-Lewis, as that is what you have done for me - and many other people I am sure.”

Tracey Fraser, PGG Wrightson

“I have found the individual coaching I received invaluable. We worked through a range of practical tools, which helped me identify my responses to challenging situations. I have utilised these new approaches effectively to work with others through uncomfortable issues. The coaching has also helped me maintain my equilibrium while I balance a stimulating and demanding role at work with study and raising a family.” 

Penny Rounthwaite, Ministry of Social Development

Coaching Options


NZD $2250 plus GST


In six sessions, we can help you clarify up to three specific goals, and get to work on achieving them.

Sessions are for 60-75 minutes
and can be spaced to suit your schedule. 


NZD $3250 plus GST


This package enables you to gain traction on a meaty issue or major transition with on-tap support from your coach as needed- within reason!


Schedule a session up to once a week, and receive support between sessions by phone or email if needed. 


Price on application


Designed for those needing a complete break from the daily grind,  the 'deep dive' is for 2 or more days at a location of your choice. The programme can be as structured, or as flexible as you choose.

A wonderful opportunity to combine deep development with rest and recreation so that you emerge refreshed and renewed to face the world.

Coaching Options
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